Ride Long, Ride Fast

  • Japanese Toray® T800 carbon fiber
  • UCI Certificate
  • Aerodynamic tube design and comfortable position
  • Maximum stability and lightness
  • Tires max. 32C

The new Ultimate from Vitoria, ART is Vitoria's most advanced bicycle, in which the latest innovations have been used in its development.

The ART is responsive and comfortable for daily use and prepared for long journeys, allowing a tire width of up to 32 thanks to all the details designed for all-road driving.


Built in Toray® carbon fiber, based on prepreg lamination, which guarantees the highest quality.


The tube design is aerodynamic, optimized by CFD design, resulting in a light, fast and versatile bike, designed to ride on any type of road.

The rear triangle facilitates vibration absorption.

The wiring is fully integrated, which ensures extremely low wind resistance and also provides a flawless aesthetic appearance to the bicycle.

Its light weight creates an excellent driving sensation.

All components are made of carbon. ACR “V-Shaped” one-piece frame, integrated fork, seatpost and handlebar, the V-shape increases pressure resistance and offers a perfect combination of stiffness and aerodynamic optimization.

Integrated carbon handlebar

Octagonal design for installation with internal cable routing. Smooth cable entry without bending. Completely internal wiring. Compatible for GPS installation, in an aligned manner that accentuates its clean and minimalist aesthetic.

Fully integrated wiring

The front V-shaped head tube is designed to increase pressure resistance and represents a perfect combination of stiffness with optimal wind resistance.

BB86 Pressfit Bottom Bracket

Transmissions Sram 12v AXS

Check. Personalize. Monitor The new SRAM AXS component system takes eTap wireless drivetrains to the next level. The SRAM AXS mobile app allows the rider to check battery status, change component configuration, customize controls, receive maintenance alerts and update firmware.

Transmissions Shimano 12 v

Di2 (INTEGRATED DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE). The revolutionary Di2 shifting system solves the challenge of the power-performance equation for drivetrains in the world of cycling. Di2 allows for instant, precise and ultra-fast shifting right the first time at the push of a button.

Shimano Di2 Battery Mount for Seatpost

Maximum tire width 700*32C

Flat mount disc Rear 12x142 - Flat mount disc Front 12x100

XS (46)43550310075º7240657345968506368X-SMALL155-165
S (49)46051010575º7240657345968515373SMALL165-170
M (52)48053111574º7240657545970527380MEDIUM170-178
L (54)49554113574º7240658145976547384LARGE178-184
XL (56)52056215573.5º7240659245987568394X-LARGE184-190
XXL (58)54057718073.5º72406607451002592403XX-LARGE190-198

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