- VITORIA offers a two-year warranty for rigid frames and forks; and two years for Syntium components, against any manufacturing defect and / or material defects from the date of purchase, being valid only for the original purchaser of the product and not transferable. Thus, Vitoria has the right, in the event of a defect in conformity, to repair and / or replace the defective product with a similar one, or with the same characteristics in the event of a lack of stock, which implies possible variations in color, design , etc.

- The warranty against painting defects of the paintings maintains a duration of 2 years, and 12 months for fluorescent paints.

- This warranty also specifically covers defects in paint and lacquer origin of all frames and rigid forks for the period of 2 years, except for special reflective paints (see on the web) for a period of 12 months.

- The Vitoria warranty is fully compatible with the legal and commercial warranties offered by the manufacturers and distributors of the components that we mount on our bicycles, and the user must, in the event of a defect of conformity, transact directly with said manufacturers or distributors those individual guarantees of said components.

- To enjoy the Vitoria warranty, the customer must register the bicycle on our website: www.vitoriabikes.es within a period of 1 month after the date of purchase. The non-activation of the warranty implies the loss thereof, and the two-year legal warranty will apply.

- In the event of exercising this warranty, the user must provide the purchase invoice and photographs that clearly indicate the affected area. In case of replacement, the damaged products will become the property of Vitoria.


- The Vitoria Lifetime Warranty is applicable to the Nyxtralight range with 7129 alloy, as well as the rest of the Aluminum frames with 6069 alloy. It is activated by registering the bike online on the web www.vitoriabikes.es, within a period maximum of 1 month after the date of purchase. Guarantee that will be lost without such registration, and the two-year legal guarantee will apply.

- The guarantee against painting defects of the paintings maintains a duration of 2 years, and 12 months for fluorescent paints.

- Vitoria reserves the right to repair or replace the defective frame, for the same model or equivalent in case of out of stock, which implies possible variations in color, design, etc.

All the components and suspension forks mounted on our bicycles will be covered by the original manufacturer's warranty with the minimum required by the regulations of the country of purchase.


- In the event of exercising this guarantee, the user must provide VITORIA with the purchase receipt, which is required as proof to invoke the guarantee.

- This guarantee will not be valid if the damage to the frame is attributable to improper use and / or failure to comply with the warnings and recommendations contained in the user manual, and the guarantee that is directly due to misuse of the product by the user may be rejected. of the user.

- The guarantee of paints, lacquers and decals, will be totally eliminated due to incorrect actions against the frame, whether due to force majeure or involuntary (fall, blows, support of the frame on unsuitable objects and without due protection) or intentional manipulation (gluing adhesives not indicated for the use in question, whether it is insulating tape, American tape, etc., paint or post-sale lacquer outside the control of Vitoria).

- The warranty does not apply in any case to breakages or defects derived from the negligent use of the bicycle, the assembly of other non-original accessory elements to those supplied or assembled by the factory, or improper handling and maintenance operations by the user.

- Regarding the parts subject to normal wear and tear, this guarantee does not cover these elements in any case, which are the following:

- The use of a bicycle is subject to physical risks, both on the road and in the mountains. This guarantee, which refers only to the replacement of defective components from origin, does not cover breakages due to accidents or improper use.


According to the technical specifications indicated in the European harmonization standards, VITORIA complies with all the relevant requirements of RD 339/2014, of May 9.

Production control is ensured by our quality system, which meets the requirements of ISO 9001.

The following harmonized standards have been applied:

EN 14781 Road bikes - Safety requirements and test methods

EN 14766 Mountain bikes - Safety requirements and test methods

EN 14764 Urban bikes and trekking-Safety requirements and test methods