From January 1, 2024, Vitoria is pleased to offer a more comprehensive warranty coverage for all rigid bicycle frames and forks as well as their Syntium components. Applicable against manufacturing defects for all bicycles that have been purchased in territories with an authorized distributor.

Extending the legal warranty for 2 more years, which is equivalent to 5 years from the acquisition of the product by the first owner. However, in order to benefit from this guarantee, it is imperative to comply with the following conditions:

1-Exclusive Beneficiary: Only the original buyer, that is, the one listed on the sales invoice, will be eligible for this guarantee. To activate it, the buyer must register the bicycle's serial number at https://www.vitoriabikes.es/es/form/registra-tu-bici within a period of no more than 30 calendar days after the purchase, and This must be carried out at an authorized Vitoria dealer. It is important to note that this warranty is not transferable to subsequent buyers, and will be automatically canceled if the original owner sells the bicycle to a third party.

2-Presentation of Documentation: To make use of this guarantee, the presentation of the purchase invoice to an Authorized Partner of Vitoria is required. This step is essential for the validation and application of the warranty.

3-Exclusive Maintenance: The bicycle must receive maintenance only from an Authorized Partner of Vitoria. This ensures that any service or repair is aligned with the brand's standards, contributing to the durability and optimal performance of the bike.

4-Warranty Coverage: This commercial warranty covers rigid frames and forks. However, the rest of the pieces attached to the painting are explicitly excluded.

Vitoria is committed to providing its customers with maximum confidence in the durability and quality of its products through this extension of warranty coverage, as long as the established conditions are met.

The original purchaser will have the right to repair and/or replace the affected component. In the event that the repair is not feasible, Vitoria will proceed to replace the non-compliant product with another one with identical characteristics. In situations where direct replacement is not possible, Vitoria undertakes to provide the user with a product of equal or superior quality and performance, selected from those available in the Vitoria range during the year in which the warranty claim is made.

In events that require the replacement of the non-compliant product with another of equal or superior quality and performance, it is essential to bear in mind that these guarantees will not cover the replacement or adjustment of any component installed on the original bicycle that is incompatible with the product supplied by Victory. All costs associated with the acquisition of parts or accessories necessary for the final assembly of these installed components or accessories will be the responsibility and expense of the customer.

Breaks or cracks resulting from negligent, inappropriate or improper use of the bicycle are expressly excluded from any application. Any use of the bicycle in competitions, rental or for commercial purposes will be considered unusual or inappropriate use. These exclusions are essential to preserve the integrity of the product and ensure the effectiveness of Vitoria's warranty policies.

Exceeding the following maximum weights is also considered misuse:


(Cyclist + Equipment + Bicycle)

Aluminum Bicycles = 120 kg

Carbon Bicycles = 110kg

Aluminum E-Bikes = 120kg

Carbon E-Bikes = 120kg

The validity of this guarantee is conditional on the detailed evaluation carried out by our specialized technicians in Vitoria. These professionals will carry out a careful analysis of the bicycle to discern if the nature of the defect complies with the terms and conditions established in this guarantee or if, on the contrary, it is excluded. The final decision will be based on the expertise of our technicians, who will use their technical knowledge to determine the eligibility of the claim within the parameters defined by Vitoria.


Vitoria guarantees the original components of its products in accordance with the period established by the law in force at all times, counting from the date of original sale.

In the event that any conformity defect is detected in individual components of other commercial brands installed on Vitoria bicycles, including electrical components, the buyer (or the Vitoria Authorized Partner, as applicable) must negotiate directly with the respective manufacturers (Shimano, SRAM, Rock Shox, FSA, Fulcrum, Vision, Miche, Sunrac, etc.) or their corresponding distributors to apply the relevant guarantees. According to current law, the LEGAL WARRANTY is valid for 3 years* from the date of original purchase, or the legal warranty period determined by the country of purchase if different. Each manufacturer establishes its own warranty policy, and the duration may vary, but they must always comply with at least the LEGAL WARRANTY set at 3 years. To make this guarantee effective, it will be necessary to present proof of purchase to an Authorized Vitoria Partner.

*Two years if the acquisition date is before January 1, 2022.

In situations where the repair or replacement of the product requires sending it to the Vitoria facilities, we reserve the right to claim from the user the costs associated with such transportation.


-Breaks or cracks resulting from negligent, inappropriate or improper use of the bicycle are excluded from the coverage of this guarantee. Non-common or inappropriate use is defined as participation in competitions, rental or use for commercial purposes.

-In addition, this warranty will not apply to tune-up operations and/or adjustments. -Problems caused by discoloration due to excessive exposure to sunlight, lack of maintenance, abrasion during transportation, contact with aggressive surfaces or breakages caused by accidents are also not covered by this warranty.

-The usual wear and tear of perishable elements of the product is not included in the warranty. By way of example and without limitation, the following will be considered elements susceptible to wear:


-This warranty does not cover improper manipulations or maintenance operations carried out by the user or any third party on their behalf. Nor does it include the assembly of non-original elements or accessories, other than those supplied or installed by the manufacturer.

-Additionally, personal and/or material damage that may arise directly or indirectly due to the habitual use of the bicycle is excluded from this guarantee.


According to the technical specifications indicated in the European harmonization standards, VITORIA complies with all the relevant requirements of RD 339/2014, of May 9.

Production control is ensured by our quality system, which meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

The following harmonized standards have been applied:

EN 14781 Road and gravel bicycles - Safety requirements and test methods

EN 14766 Mountain bicycles - Safety requirements and test methods

EN 14764 Urban and trekking bicycles - Safety requirements and test methods