A 29-inch mountain bike is a machine designed to conquer rugged terrain and challenging trails. These bikes feature 29-inch wheels, which offer notable advantages over smaller wheels.

Giant Wheels to Dominate the Terrain:

Our 29-inch mountain bike is equipped with large diameter wheels that allow you to overcome obstacles with ease. These wheels give you a larger contact surface with the ground, which translates into improved traction and greater stability on rough terrain.

Speed and Efficiency:

Larger wheels allow you to roll at higher speeds with less effort. This means you can tackle long climbs and descents with confidence, and you'll enjoy a more efficient riding experience on winding trails.

Precise Control:

The combination of large wheels and 29-inch bike-specific geometry gives you precise control on tricky terrain. You can navigate stones, roots and obstacles with confidence, maintaining stability at all times.

High Performance Suspension:

Our 29-inch mountain bike features high-performance suspension that absorbs shock and vibration, giving you a smooth ride on even the toughest terrain. This maximizes your comfort and reduces fatigue.

Durable Construction:

It's built with strong, lightweight materials, making it able to withstand the abuse of the most challenging trails without compromising durability. Additionally, high-quality components ensure consistent performance.

Adventure Without Limits:

Whether you're embarking on exciting mountain adventures, competitive mountain biking, or simply want to explore local trails, our 29-inch mountain bike will take you wherever you want to go.

Ready for action:

This bike comes ready for action, with a wide range of features including high-power disc brakes, smooth-shifting transmissions, and an aerodynamic design that optimizes pedaling efficiency.

In short, a 29-inch mountain bike is the perfect choice for riders looking for speed, stability and control on varied and challenging terrain. Whether you're looking for thrilling descents or wilderness adventures, this bike will get you there with confidence and style.



    Rolling Beyond Limits: The 29er Adventure

    • 29 inch wheel
    • Hydraulic brakes
    • Rock Shox front suspension with remote lockout
    • Sram Eagle 12 speed transmission

    The Ergos is manufactured with a 29-inch wheel, it is an excellent choice for those looking for versatility and performance on a variety of terrain, from steep mountain trails to long rides on mixed terrain. Its ability to maintain speed and overcome obstacles makes it a popular choice among mountain biking enthusiasts. Larger volume tires improve traction and the ability to absorb impacts on rocky or rooted terrain, increasing rider confidence on technical terrain. Reliable hydraulic disc brakes and Sram Eagle 12-speed single-plate transmission allow riders to adapt to different terrain conditions.

  • AXIM 29" HID

    Elevate Your Adventure with a 29er Ride

    • 29" wheels. Available in sizes S, M and L
    • Hydraulic brakes
    • Sram/Shimano drivetrain
    • Front Suspension

    The Axim is a mountain bike equipped with 29-inch wheels, which offer notable advantages in terms of rolling capacity and overcoming obstacles.

    The larger wheels allow you to negotiate uneven terrain more easily and maintain speed on roads and trails, making it an ideal choice for mountain tours.

    16.5" SMALL 162-169
    18" MEDIUM 169-178
    19" LARGE 179-186

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