Bike More, Worry Less

  • Comfortable frame. Designed for an upright rider position. This allows for a more upright posture, which is more comfortable for long rides.
  • Wide, padded saddle. This reduces pressure on the buttocks and lower back.
  • Large 700 wheels, improving efficiency on paved roads and providing a smoother ride.
  • Smooth Slick Tires to provide a smooth and comfortable ride on paved surfaces.
  • Mudguards and luggage racks: to protect the cyclist from splashes of water and mud, as well as front and rear luggage racks to transport objects or bags.

Bicicleta projetada especificamente para proporcionar conforto e facilidade de uso durante passeios relaxados e agradáveis.

Explore o ambiente ou simplesmente goste de andar de bicicleta sem se preocupar com o desempenho de alta velocidade.

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