The “FSA System” comprises of a rear hub electric-assist motor, a 250Wh battery unit, a further 250Wh expansion battery, with an integrated on-bike control unit and smartphone app. FSA System’s compact design and low weight (a full system weighs just 4.0kg) ensures sleek integration for e-road, e-gravel and commuter bikes. 

With a 20-cell, 250Wh battery unit that integrates completely inside the downtube, and an additional 250Wh battery installable within a bottle cage for longer rides, the system has a flexible range to suit all types of riders. 

The system is completed with an assistance remote control that integrates into the top tube and an easily accessible charge port situated above the bottom bracket. 

There are five assistance settings, including an ‘eco’ Green up to a ‘boost’ Red mode, serving up to a maximum of 250W, while the motor itself features an integrated torque sensor and two speed sensors, which can adapt easily to different riding styles and changing conditions. Not only does it provide extremely responsive yet consistent assistance, it is quiet, outputting less than 55 decibels. 

When exceeding the EU-mandated limit of 25km/h for electrical assistance (32km/h for the USA), the “FSA System” hub shuts down and presents minimal friction and resistance to the drivetrain, allowing the rider to experience a natural and free pedaling motion. Together with the low total weight and compact integration of the system, the use of standard cranks allows the e-bike to fit like a standard bike and handle as close to an ordinary pedal- powered bike as possible. 

The FSA System is easy to maintain and install, while our network of 40 service centers worldwide supplies comprehensive technical support for dealers and end users. 


  • The motor adopts an INTEGRATED TORQUE SENSOR, which has a fast response and good linearity. It has continuous and stable power, and can automatically adjust the speed, large starting torque, great climbing assistance, and strong anti-blocking ability.
  • Integrated battery design (250WH).
  • External battery as optional (+250WH) for total 500WH.
  • 1 on/off button and assistance level selection.
  • 5 assistance levels, including GREEN (eco) and RED (boost).
  • High efficiency, low power consumption and long mileage with the GREEN mode.
  • Superior waterproof performance.
  • Long life (bearing life).
  • Long maintenance cycle.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Easy to install.
  • No limit for bike frame geometry, even for a pure road race geometry in size S and XS!
  • Low Q-factor.
  • Incredibly low friction over 25KMh.
  • Just 2.4 kg.
  • Spare parts available via FSA Service Centers network.
  • Specific FSA app for end user.
  • Remote diagnostic for dealer.


A dedicated app for FSA System has been developed, available for both iOS and Android devices, which will enable the rider to record ride and usage statistics, display remaining battery life and charge status, as well as feature full GPS turn-by-turn navigation. The app also features a diagnostic center, complete with chatbot interaction and the facility to communicate directly with FSA’s service centers. 

• System status (battery status and motor status) 

• System data acquisition 

• Route planning tool, plan in advance your route and battery needs 

• Navigation road, turn-by-turn navigation with Google Maps

Product Details